At Gardena Orthodontics, we aim to deliver the highest level of dental care in the most relaxing way possible for your children and yourself.

We aim to build positive and exciting experiences with our patients.  With the expertise of our doctors and staff we will assure that your child is comfortable with their dental procedures.
Dental treatment is viewed by many people, especially those that have had negative experiences in the past, as a scary and uncomfortable process.  Children, who have never visited a dentist before, may be frightened because of comments by other children or sometimes by sensing a nervous parent’s anxiety.  It is a rewarding experience for us when we are able to change this perspective into a positive one, and build on a healthy attitude towards dental care that can be carried throughout life.

At the First Visit, a comprehensive oral examination is conducted.  Every child responds to new environments differently.  We expertly assess the ability of your child to receive dental care.  Some very young children in Gardena jump into our dental chairs and are mesmerized by their experience with the doctor, whilst others may be frightened of new surroundings.  For this reason dental treatment, unless of an urgent nature, is usually deferred to subsequent visits.

If treatment is indicated, the reasons why this is necessary and how care can be delivered will be discussed with you in detail.  An itemized treatment plan will be provided at the end of this visit.

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