Life with braces or any other orthodontic appliance requires care!


cleaning bracesFoods to ENJOY:


Foods to Avoid


In addition to dietary changes, we also recommend that our patients avoid any activity that may break or alter their appliances. These include:


Soreness felt after adjustment appointments:

Every 4-6 weeks patients are scheduled for adjustment visits. These appointments usually consist of wire changes or addition of new elastics chains. Soreness is experienced following such visits. This is a normal process and will go away in a few days. To alleviate any soreness we recommend lukewarm salt water rinses for 1-2 minutes (Make sure not to swallow the salt water).


brushing bracesCompliance with elastics (rubber bands), headgear and expanders

Orthodontics is unlike any other field of dentistry because treatment is a team effort. Without patient compliance and cooperation we cannot achieve ideal results. It is important to follow your orthodontists exact recommendations regarding the use of elastics, headgear, and expansion devices. We have expanded our bracket colors to now offer gold as well!

Elastics (Rubber bands): in general elastics (Rubber bands) are supposed to be worn 24 hours a day. The only time we recommend they are taken out is during eating or brushing. If elastics are lost or misplaced please contact us immediately for a replacement pack- please don’t wait until your next appointment.

Headgear: We recommend that your child place his or her headgear appliance once they get home for school and keep it in until the next morning. The only time we recommend taking out your headgear is during eating, brushing, and school, and other outdoor activities.

Expanders: Following delivery of your expansion appliance we will help you learn how to activate your child’s device. In general at Gardena Orthodontics we recommend that children do 1 turn every other day for 28 days for a total of 14 turns. It is important that you keep track of each turn made on your child’s palatal expander for their dental well being. Excessive or failure to activate these appliances may result in extended treatment periods


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