Comprehensive Oral Examination

At Gardena Orthodontics, we are not focused on finding just decay, we are focused on a whole lot more for you and your children’s dental needs!
Our comprehensive examination assesses not only your child’s teeth, gums, lips, cheeks, hard and soft palate, tonsils and facial tissues but also the growth and development of their face and jaws.

The importance of oral health is increasingly being acknowledged to affect other bodily systems in both adults and children.  Many systemic conditions including genetic, gastro-intestinal, cardiac, behavioural and developmental issues have oral or facial components and we may be able to help in any possible diagnosis and management.

X-rays (radiographs) may be necessary to be able to fully assess the health of teeth.
Gardena Orthodontics in California is committed to the latest technology for children and adults. All recommendations for radiographs are made following an individual assessment of each and every child.  They are never taken “just to have a look”, or as a routine.

At Kinderdental the latest digital equipment is used to allow us to maximise the amount of information gained from the minimum amount of x-rays possible.

Preventative Dentistry in Gardena

Although largely a preventable disease, decay is the most common disease affecting children.  It is common for parents to notice the decay process has occurred when it is already too late and a “hole” in a tooth has formed.  We prefer to examine children before decay has had the chance to create a cavity, and for increased decay-risk children, implement a preventive program so that fillings will not be required in the future.
Preventive care involves reviewing oral hygiene instructions, sealants, topical fluoride application and nutritional counseling.


When decay has progressed too far, a filling may be required.  By removing the diseased tissue and restoring the tooth back to its natural form we minimize the risk of adverse effects not only to the tooth, but also possible damaging effects to the adult teeth.
At Gardena Children’s Dental and Orthodontics the most modern, up-to-date materials are used.  White fillings are most common, however in certain cases stainless steel crowns may be necessary.  Where required, the reasons for this will be carefully explained to you.


Extractions are most commonly needed because of dental decay, however they may be necessary due to other reasons such as trauma.

Unfortunately, sometimes decay has progressed beyond the point where we are able to save the tooth and it has to be removed.  This can occur sometimes even without a toothache.  Extractions are usually the last resort as removing primary (baby or deciduous) teeth can lead to problems later in life.  Fortunately, most complications can be managed relatively simply at the appropriate time.


The dental environment can be strange to many children with different sights, smells, taste, sounds and feelings.  All children in the Gardena react to changing environments in different ways.  Sometimes, a child may be trying the best they can, however may be anxious or nervous.
Nitrous oxide (happy gas) may be recommended to help some children overcome these feelings.  Nitrous oxide has a proven long-term safety record and in many situations can allow dental care to be delivered to children that may not otherwise be comfortable to accept treatment.  Most children find the sensation of nitrous oxide pleasant and treatment can be completed in a comfortable and pain-free way.

In cases of severe freight and anxiety conscious sedation may be used to facilitate dental treatment. During conscious sedation medicine in the form of syrup of pill is given to your child prior to their dental procedure. This medicine will sedate your child so that he or she can receive dental treatment in a calm environment.

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