There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding between metal or clear. Currently we offer standard metal braces as well as our clear bracket systems.


bracesMetal Braces:

Metal braces are ideal for the adolescent (teen and pre-teen) orthodontic patient. Most children enjoy showing off their braces and color ties! The benefits of metal braces include: low cost (affordability), less breakage of brackets, and easier to remove once treatment is completed. The above reasons make metal braces the perfect choice for you daughter or son! Not all metal braces are EQUAL… Currently our office offers the lowest profile (less bulky) braces with rounded edges to insure maximum comfort and minimal irritation to your cheeks and lips. We now have gold brackets as well if you’d like a different look. Schedule a free orthodontic consult to check out our metal braces!



Clear Braces:

For Gardena patients: Clear braces and ceramic brackets are great for the orthodontic patient who is looking for a more invisible option. Although not completely invisible they are a great alternative to metal braces. Our clear braces are ultra-slim and are made of the a sapphire crystalline which give them a glass-like appearance. Schedule a free orthodontic consult to see if our clear braces suit your needs!

Our office does offer Invisalign for patients who prefer not to have any braces or wires in their mouths!
Click here to learn more about Invisalign!

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